“Lori has been a huge help in my breastfeeding journey. I likely would've given up after the second week if it wasn't for her guidance. She also helped when I got mastitis. I love that she encourages partners to join the appointments and get involved in the feeding. Even if you have a great partner like I do, it's really helpful so you don't feel like you're taking it all on by yourself.” Morgan

“I wasn’t sure what to expect with this consultation being virtual, Lori quickly put our nerves at ease with her kind & friendly demeanor. Lori took the time to patiently answer our questions as first time parents. My husband and I both ended the consultation feeling confident and better prepared for the breastfeeding journey.” Katie 

“Lori has helped my breastfeeding journey to be easier than I ever anticipated. She educated me on what to expect while still pregnant so I was prepared as soon as I gave birth, and now offers reassurance and encouragement as I work through the daily changes of feeding. I am so grateful for her guidance!” Kaleigh


“I felt so supported and my consultant was so very knowledgeable and sympathetic to my situation. “ Kelsey

“Best experience and made me feel very reassured! Had a bad experience with LC at hospital and felt like giving up. Glad I came back to her and we are now able to breastfeed ☺️” Desiree


“Lori is amazing. She went above and beyond to help us feel better about our breastfeeding journey. She also watched us feed our son live and gave real time feedback.” Chandra 


“Lori was amazing. She’s been continuously working with me through all my issues and she has been making weekly appts with me till I am totally confident! I absolutely have loved my experience and have already recommended this resource to all my new mommy friends.” Alexa

“Lori is amazing and incredibly knowledgeable. I have been having to bottle feed my baby and my baby has been squirming and upset during feedings. I thought she had reflux or something, but Lori told me about bottle- pacing. It has completely changed how my baby acts during feeding! She's much calmer now. A lifesaver!” Caroline

I am a first-time mother of 16-month-old twin girls.  Needless to say the idea of breastfeeding and tandem breastfeeding was pretty daunting. When I first tried nursing them, I tried tandem feeding them without ever having breastfed even a single baby.  Rookie mistake! However,  my sweet little ones took to nursing right away. And I eventually got the hang of tandem feeding them.  It's been and still is an interesting journey.  I have some plugged ducts, some fun biting issues, but nothing too crazy.  Pumping at work was a challenge as well, but then became an old hat. I have been very lucky that my girls are avid breastfeeders, but even then, I have needed support along the way. I have been very fortunate to have Lori as my lactation consultant.  She has been so supportive and nurturing throughout the entire process. She is very open to all kinds of circumstances. I like to think of breastfeeding as a spectrum - sometimes a mother has to exclusively pump, sometimes she has to block feed, sometimes she has to supplement, etc.  Lori has been very supportive regardless of the circumstances. And she's seen it all!  She is so patient; it's something you are going to want when you get conflicting information from doctors or family. She will answer my questions day/night.  Informational texts whenever needed! Words of support on demand really ;).

She is also knowledgeable about related topics like gentle parenting techniques such as extended breastfeeding and cosleeping and can really offer some guidance for moms trying to figure it all out. She is truly excited about the miraculous properties of breastmilk and keeps up with the ever evolving science behind it.  I really appreciate someone who has a passion for what she does.  She keeps up with it all.  She also has a great network of doctors, nurses, and fellow lactation consultants that she can pull from. I strongly recommend you meet with Lori and talk.  She'll be a huge source of strength for you on your breastfeeding journey.  We all need a helping hand."


“Lori was amazing. My husband and I feel way more informed and confident in my abilities to breastfeed our unborn son.” Chandra