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Prenatal Consults & Lactation Consultations

In-person or telehealth

Why meet with a lactation consultant?

  • sore nipples     

  • low milk supply

  • baby with slow weight gain

  • baby not latching well

  • feeding more than 1 baby! (twins or multiples)

  • returning to work

  • help with pumping 

  • plugged ducts, mastitis, thrush, nipple infection

  • We accept insurance. Enter your insurance information in the link below to determine if your provider is in-network, which will cover your appointment at 100%!

  • If you are not covered by insurance through The Lactation Network (see link above), book here through Nest Collaborative (virtual appointments) with most insurances accepted.

  • For self-pay or sliding scale options, please contact us for more information. CLICK HERE










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“Lori has been a huge help in my breastfeeding journey. I likely would've given up after the second week if it wasn't for her guidance. She also helped when I got mastitis. I love that she encourages partners to join the appointments and get involved in the feeding. Even if you have a great partner like I do, it's really helpful so you don't feel like you're taking it all on by yourself.” -Morgan
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